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Okay, 10th auth request from Marking it as data mining instance. Any ideas how to block it on #friendica?
Aaaand just when I wrote it - two more from same instance with same (80-100k) of subscriptions...

Morgan McMillian 1 week ago
There are a couple of plugins that block users by URL. I haven't tried it site wide though so not sure if it works like that.

morph 1 week ago from web
@thrrgilag @pztrn The blacklist plugin seemed just to work relatively reliable with statusnet software, and there also I did not really figure out what it did. For now I think it’s best to first follow an account (absurd because you don’t want to do that) and then block them within the native GS interface. This will prevent you from @-replies which the blacklist plugin won’t filter.

@morph It was about friendica :) If we will add someone here - Friendica will import his posts. Which I resist to do in sake of database size.
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Morgan McMillian 1 week ago
I'd suggest try enabling the superblock plugin, then in your settings stick the url and see if that does the trick.

Second solution, to lower server's load - just block pawoo's IPs on nginx.

MMN-o ✅⃠ 1 week ago from web
@thrrgilag There's a superblock plugin?

Morgan McMillian 1 week ago
@mmn In Friendica yes there is. 

morph 1 week ago from ostatus
@pztrn Those fragmented OStatus conversations. Sometimes my mind won’t complete them up to satisfying 99%.

@morph That's why I'm switched to friendica. It fetches whole conversation so I shouldn't go somewhere to read beginning.

morph 1 week ago from AndStatus
@pztrn Hmmm, so do I follow the correct pztrn account? Must investigate tonight on the PC.

Hypolite Petovan 2 days ago
#Friendica's server blocklist is available on develop as of today, can you please test and report back if it works?