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Saying goodbye to old networks

This week I'm saying goodbye to an old network as is shutting down.

I joined back in 2012 with the promise of a social network with a different business model from Twitter. It was a service focused on benefiting developers and users who were willing to pay for a better experience rather than advertisers and data mining. Unfortunately that idea wasn't enough and couldn't become a sustainable business. Rather than breaking their promise and becoming yet another advertising network they scaled back the service and ultimately had to close the doors.

As another social network fades into the background I'm taking some time to reflect on what I've gained rather than lost. I've met some amazing people on and have been lucky enough to keep up with them as they've moved on to other places. I've also gained some useful development experience. For those reasons I'll remember with fond and happy memories rather than mourn it's loss. As far as I am concerned, was a success.
McScx 4 months ago from Qvitter
@thrrgilag my suggestion:the admins should hand over the domain to someone who will create a !GNUsocial instance on!

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Morgan McMillian 4 months ago
@mcscx That would have been nice but the owners seem to be very unresponsive to their users. I should add that to the reason the network ultimately failed. Supposedly they will open up the source code but we'll see if that actually happens. No idea what if anything they'll do with the domain in the end. 

Dug 4 months ago from web
Does anyone know who that #admin is?

Morgan McMillian 4 months ago
@duggy Dalton Caldwell owns it and Bryan Berg has been running the servers if I recall. 

Child of the Universe 4 months ago from Qvitter
@mcscx @thrrgilag wouldn't that just raise a number of potential issues with impersonation? Not really sure of the benefit here…

McScx 4 months ago from Qvitter
@childoftheuniverse ok, that is indeed a point. @thrrgilag