Prepping to venture into the office for a few hours today. Let's hope the traffic gods will be merciful. 

The weather is far too nice to be cooped up in an office staring at a computer screen today.
Agree. Today is looking to be nice weather as well. My window is right behind my monitor, so I can too easily see what I'm missing all day!

That thing where you are holding down the wrong modifier key and your screen changes orientation rather than switching virtual desktops.
Or accidentally zooms in/out!
Indeed that drives me nuts. Even more so in a browser window when it's a subtle change and things look just ever so slightly off.
I used to do that at work. Would drive me nuts, because I kept forgetting the key combo to change it back.

It's finally happened. Org execs are now promoting their Twitter accounts at the end of their broadcasts.

My goal for this morning. Drink #coffee until my eyes can focus on the computer screen. ☕️
@thrrgilag i agree with all three of you! /cc !coffee c[``]

After 5 so I guess I should knock off for the day. Time for the mental context switch to happen.

I went through my contacts and paired down the feed on my Friendica server considerably. Mostly trimming ostatus contacts since I can't really keep up with that network these days. If I've gotten overly zealous I may have broken feeds to my ostatus friends that wish to continue following me. If that's the case hopefully a resubscribing does the trick. I will say over the last year or so of running a Friendica server and playing in the GNU social space I have a new appreciation of how difficult federation can be. I also have more of an appreciation for how diaspora and Friendica work versus ostatus. I'm keeping the ostatus channel open for those who want to continue to follow me that way but I'll likely not follow back on that network at least for now. Of course I may change my mind later. :-)

I've got a rather lengthy list of things I want to accomplish today. So naturally I want to spend my time on social webs.

Time for another pot of #coffee


And logged out of work. Weekend officially begins. 😁

Okay well I'm not sure the repair on my server actually addressed the issue with some of my ostatus contacts. It may be another one of those weird sticky GNU social issues. If I recall unsubscribing on GNU social still leaves and entry in its database and that may need to be removed before a connection can be properly established. At least that's what I recall dealing with other odd issues. Of course that's pure speculation on my part. If you've subscribed to me but not receiving any of my updates feel free to let me know. Matrix and xmpp addresses are in my profile.

Took another stab at repairing my ostatus contacts. Hopefully those that want to see my nonsense posts will receive them once again.

I may have mucked up some of my ostatus contacts. I'll be dropping and re-subscribing a few so hopefully I don't make things worse.
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There is a functionality under /settings/connectors where you can automatically repair your OStatus connections. Then you don't need to do it by hand.
Okay hopefully that does the trick. I discovered that if I dropped an ostatus contact and they later re-subbed, they aren't getting any of my notices.

Actually managed to slug my way through work today and emptied my email inbox. Not bad for just coming back from holiday. 

Back from vacation and back to work already. At least there's​ #coffee

Where is it?
Black sand beach on the island of Hawaii. Just south of the volcano. 

Black sand beach


Sunset from Mauna Kea at about 9,200 ft. 


Not a bad place to be right now. 😊

Tobias Friendica
looks nice :-)