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In the mood this morning to work on some bots.

Next big trip booked. I'll be in Germany for Christmas this year!

As I alt-tab between my various chat clients this comes to mind once again. Still a favorite.


I think I have sufficient levels of #coffee in me now to log in and check my work email.

It looks like I might actually get to spend some time this weekend coding. At least I don't have anything on my calendar that says otherwise. 😃

Finally took BitlBee ( for a test drive. I must say I rather like it.
Erik 1 week ago
Interesting, I have never heard about it before.

Morgan McMillian 1 week ago
I've had some people recommend it previously. It is yet another type of hosted gateway connecting to different IM networks, this one allowing the use of an IRC client.

Not sure I'll keep it but it's fun to play with for now.

Riot is cool and the most feature rich client, but I'd like to find me a non-webapp client for matrix.

Morgan McMillian 2 weeks ago
I installed the purple-matrix plugin and pidgin on my linux VM. The massive number of tabs it opened up was comical. It works, not sure it's the best yet but something I'll tinker with anyway.

Morgan McMillian 2 weeks ago
For those following along, I'm experimenting with using IRC clients combined with Matrix-IRCd. Seems a little meta when accessing a freenode channel, via, matrix, via IRC client...

Monday off on a good note. Work laptop experiencing boot random disconnects and boot loops. I have resorted to writing my meetings down on post-it notes stuck to monitor just in case. ಠ_ಠ

Busy weekend comes to a close. Tonight I shall sleep and then begins another busy week. One day things will slow down. One day.

Expirmenting with a possible media post.


Doing some test posts using a rewritten matrix bot. Pardon the noise.

Sour Gose is sour. More on that and other beer things in on matrix and the Craft Beer channel on
Morgan McMillian 2 weeks ago
Still posted kinda weird so here is the link.